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ACCORDING to the tradition current in the city when Gylliusl and Gerlach2 explored the antiquities of Constanti-noples the large Byzantine churchy now the mosque Ze'irek Kilissi Jamissi, overlooking the Golden Horn from the heights above Oun Kapan, was the famous church of S. Saviour Pantokrator. There is no reason for doubting the accuracy of this identification. The church was so important, and so closely associated with events which occurred late in the history of the city, that its identity could not be forgotten by the Greek ecclesiastical authorities soon after the Turkish conquest Moreover, all indications of the position of the churchj although too vague to determine its precise site, are in harmony with the tradition on the subject. Fors according to Russian pilgrims to the shrines of Constantinople, the Pantokrator could be reached most readily from the side of the city on the Golden Horn/ and stood in the vicinity of the church of the Holy Apostles4—particulars that agree with the situation of Ze'frek Kilissi JamissL
The church was founded by the Empress Irene,5 the consort of John II. Comnenus (1118-1143), and daughter of LadislaSj King of Hungary. She came to Constantinople
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